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Allied Sorbent Wp100m White Polypropylene Oil Sorbent Pad, 26.7 Gal Per Package/34.18 Oz. Per Pad, 15 Inch W X 19 Inch L GULF PADS ASIWP100M

Detailed Description

MeltBlown mat pads quickly absorb oil for effective cleanup of petroleum-based spills on land or water. Loose stacked-weave design increases surface area on spill. Mat starts wicking on contact to save time in critical situations. Works equally well on land or water - it even floats when fully saturated. Ideal for outdoor use - MeltBlown Mat provides quick, efficient cleanup to help protect the environment from contamination. MeltBlown polypropylene fibers are left in their natural hydrophobic state. These hydrophobic fibers repel water (and float) while only absorbing oils and other hydrocarbons. Large-diameter MeltBlown polypropylene fibers are randomly assembled to create a lofty Mat that absorbs high volumes of liquid fast. Oily grunge can't hide on bright White MeltBlown Mat. Makes it easy to see when it's fully saturated - you save money by not throwing it away too soon

  • Spilltech’s MeltBlown mats are made of a single layer of oil-only polypropylene
  • They can be used to clean up oil spills on land or water
  • Alternate brand: Spilltech, Alternate number: WP100M

Allied Sorbent WP100M Oil Sorbent Pad, Absorbing Capacity: Package: Up To 26.7 gal, Pad: Up To 34.18 oz., Container Type: Packet, Length: 19 Inch, Width: 15 Inch, Polypropylene, White

Technical Details

Absorbing Capacity
Package: Up To 26.7 gal, Pad: Up To 34.18 oz.
Container Type
19 Inch
15 Inch