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Wd-40 110078 11 Oz Aerosol Can 2-Way Smart Straw Spray, Mild Odor, -50 To 300 Deg F Working Temperature 490040 WD40110078

Detailed Description

WD-40 to protect and lubricate thousands upon thousands of items - without ever losing the straw again. New Smart straw features a permanently attached straw that sprays two ways. Simply flip it up for a precision stream and down for a regular spray action. WD-40 Smart straw spray lubricant is available at a store near you - Discover how one of the world's smartest products just got smarter

  • The WD-40 can with a built in straw
  • Never lose the straw again, it's permanently attached
  • Smart new design allows for one handed operation - simply flip it up for a precision stream, and down for regular spray action
  • Smart straw is a more convenient way to protect, clean, and lubricate thousands of items
  • Penetrates deep to free up frozen or rusted metal parts, displaces moisture, non-conductive formula, use it to dry out electrical and electronic equipment
  • Stops squeaks, silicone free, lubricates and protects metal against moisture and corrosive elements with an invisible barrier
  • Boiling point: 361 - 369 deg F
  • Insoluble in water
  • Vapor pressure: 95 - 115 psi at 70 deg F
  • Percent volatile: 70 - 75%
  • Light amber color
  • Liquid form

WD-40 110078 Smart Straw Spray, 2-Way, Container Size: 11 oz, Container Type: Aerosol Can, Flammability: Yes, Flash Point: 122 deg F Tag Open Cup (Concentrate), Odor/Scent: Mild, VOC: 412 g/L, Specific Gravity: 0.8 - 0.82 At 60 deg F, Working Temperature: -50 To 300 deg F, Pour Point: -63 deg C ASTM D-97, Dielectric Strength: 12000 volt

Technical Details

Container Size
11 oz
Container Type
Aerosol Can
Dielectric Strength
12000 volt
Flash Point
122 deg F Tag Open Cup (Concentrate)
Pour Point
-63 deg C ASTM D-97
Specific Gravity
0.8 - 0.82 At 60 deg F
412 g/L
Working Temperature
-50 To 300 deg F