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Safety Services


Protecting your employees, assets and business is a number one priority for your jobsite. Accidents can be prevented with the right solutions. Gas and Supply not only provides top-quality safety products from the brands you trust, we offer unique safety services designed to help keep your operation incident free.

Safety services include:

  • Site assessments to make sure the right protection is being used correctly in your operations
  • Training services to teach your staff how to use the latest safety equipment
  • Site inspections
  • Certification, inspection, and maintenance for fire extinguishers
  • Assistance in selecting the perfect products for rewards and incentives for your employees
  • In-house safety specialists to help answer any questions before you buy

Gas and Supply employs representatives and technicians who are experienced in fire safety. Some locations provide fire extinguishers and a complete inspection program including fire extinguisher refilling.

Contact us here to take advantage of these Gas and Supply’s safety services.