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Tungsten 2% Thoriated 1/8 X 7 Gtaw Aws A5.12 Ewth-2, 10 Pack GNS18-7GT2 GNS18-7GT2

Tungsten 2% Thoriated 1/8 x 7 GTAW AWS A5.12 EWTH-2, 10 pack

$45.00 / package of 10
Our Id: GNS18-7GT2
Manufacturer Id: N/A
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Detailed Description

TIG welding electrodes usually contain small qualities of metallic oxides which can offer the following benefits:
  • Facilitate arc starting
  • Increase arc stability
  • Improve current carrying capacity of the electrode 
  • Reduce the risk of weld conamination
  • Increase electrode life

AWS A5.12 EWTH-2: 2% Thoriated--best stability at medium currents, good arc starts, medium tendency to split, medium erosion rate.