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Hobart 335A S112251-035 Cellulose Potassium E6011 Welding Electrode, 5/32 Inch Dia. X 14 Inch L, 50 Lb Hermetically Sealed Can S112251-035 HOBS112251-035

Detailed Description

Cellulosic electrode with penetrating characteristics designed to handle coated steels. Used primarily with AC power sources but can be used with DC currents. Product has a stable arc with low spatter levels

  • Easy arc striking, ideal for tacking
  • Superior arc drive
  • Excellent penetration
  • Excellent wetting action
  • Smooth bead appearance, reduces cold lap and undercutting
  • Slag detaches easily
  • Quick clean-up
  • Quick starting
  • 3.3 lb/hr at 140 amp deposition rate, 65.7% at 140 amp efficiency
  • Flat, horizontal, vertical up, overhead welding positions
  • Physical state: cored wire, form: coated rod, color: gray
  • 26% in 4 Inch elongation
  • 25 volt

Hobart® Hobart® 335A S112251-035 Welding Electrode, Diameter: 5/32 Inch, Length: 14 Inch, Current Type: AC/DC+, Amperage: 130 - 160 amp, Package: 50 lb Hermetically Sealed Can, AWS Class: AWS A5.1: E6011, AWS A5.1M: E4311, Coating: Cellulose Potassium, Tensile Strength: 82000 psi (As Welded), Yield Strength: 69000 psi (As Welded), Charpy V-Notch: 38 ft.-lb. At -20 deg F Temperature (As Welded), Welding Process: SMAW (Stick), Weld Metal Composition: 0.12% Carbon (C), 0.71% Manganese (Mn), 0.29% Silicon (Si), 0.009% Phosphorus (P), 0.009% Sulfur (S), Applicable Materials: Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel

Technical Details

130 - 160 amp
Applicable Materials
Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel
AWS Class
AWS A5.1: E6011, AWS A5.1M: E4311
Charpy V-Notch
38 ft.-lb. At -20 deg F Temperature (As Welded)
Cellulose Potassium
Current Type
5/32 Inch
14 Inch
50 lb Hermetically Sealed Can
Tensile Strength
82000 psi (As Welded)
Weld Metal Composition
0.12% Carbon (C), 0.71% Manganese (Mn), 0.29% Silicon (Si), 0.009% Phosphorus (P), 0.009% Sulfur (S)
Welding Process
SMAW (Stick)
Yield Strength
69000 psi (As Welded)