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Crc Quick Clean 03180 Safety Solvent And Degreaser, 20 Oz Aerosol, Clear Liquid 03180 CRC03180

Detailed Description

CRC Quick Clean is a non-flammable, chlorinated, non-ozone depleting degreaser for use on industrial equipment. It provides an economical and aggressive reduced VOC alternative to 1,1,1. It dissolves grease, oil and sludge quickly for more efficient operation of mechanical equipment. Quick Clean is chemically stable, non-conductive and non-corrosive


  • Effective degreasing action with fast evaporation and no residue
  • The non-flammable, VOC exempt formula contains no class I or class II ozone depleting chemicals
  • Use caution on plastics and paints
  • Non-flammable - significantly reduces the risk of fire caused by incidental contact of liquid with live equipment or solvents trapped by insulating materials
  • Fast evaporation - reduces down-time
  • Leaves no residue - prevents harmful build-up on equipment and eliminates wiping in most applications
  • No class I or II ozone depleting chemicals - alternative to 1,1,1 trichloroethane products while complying with the EPA regulations on the use of ozone depleting chemicals
  • M.S.D.[L.] Material Safety Data Label - provides instant access to current safety information should an accident or OSHA inspection occur, helps comply with OSHA hazard communications standard 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • 50 ppm odor threshold
  • -8.1 deg F (-22.3 deg C) estimated melting point/freezing point
  • 250.3 deg F (121.3 deg C) estimated initial boiling point and boiling range
  • 1352.4 hPa estimated vapor pressure
  • 5.76 vapor density, 1.62 relative density
  • 0.02% (77 deg F (25 deg C)) solubility (water)
  • 97.7% estimated percent volatile
  • 2.88 partition coefficient (oil/water)

CRC Quick Clean 03180 Safety Solvent And Degreaser, Container Size: 20 oz, Container Type: Aerosol Can, Form: Liquid, Clear, Odor/Scent: Strong in High Concentrations, Dielectric Strength: 37500 volt, Net Weight: 19 oz, Specific Gravity: 1.62, Base Type: Chlorinated

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Technical Details

Base Type
Container Size
20 oz
Container Type
Aerosol Can
Dielectric Strength
37500 volt
Net Weight
19 oz
Strong in High Concentrations
Specific Gravity