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B&amp;B Steel 4100 High Profile Steel Pipe Jack 3 Leg Stand W/ V-Head 2500 Lbs Capacity � BBS4100

Detailed Description

B&B manufactures standard fixed leg pipe jacks. Feature include: Acme adjustment, anti-slip washer t-handle lock, 14 gage legs, consistent robotic welding. B&B Standard Pipejacks are available in three sizes. 12-24 Inch, 18-36 Inch, and 24-48 Inch. All B&B pipe jack are 100% powder coated or zinc plated. B&B pipestand heads include: V head, roller heads with carbon, stainless, or rubber wheels. Ball transfer, and flat and v conveyor rollers are also available


  • Acme adjustment


B&B Steel 4100 V-Head, Load Capacity: 2500 lb, Steel, 

Technical Details

Load Capacity
2500 lb