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Western 30 Brass Oxygen Hose Coupler, (B-Size) 9/16-18 Rh Male X (B-Size) 9/16-18 Rh Male 30 WES30

Detailed Description

Western® flash arrestor bodies with adaptor nuts on inlet and outlet sides can be ordered for special applications. Adaptor nuts with a ball-seat check valve are also available for inlet side of flash arrestor body. Standard CGA connections are available on adaptor, tee block and pigtails. Units are factory assembled and tested for efficient service. Flash arrestors are UL listed for acetylene. All cylinder connections are made to CGA specifications. Check valves are designed to prevent the mixing of gases in hoses and regulators. Safety first Western strongly encourages users of compressed gases to adhere to all safety guidelines and practices. Only an absolute and constant respect for compressed gases is acceptable for safe operations. Refer to the Western safety products such as check valves, flash arrestors, and relief valves

Western® 30 Hose Coupler, Connection: (B-Size) 9/16-18 RH Male x (B-Size) 9/16-18 RH Male, Brass, Brass, Operating Pressure: 200 psig, Gas Service: Oxygen

Technical Details

(B-Size) 9/16-18 RH Male x (B-Size) 9/16-18 RH Male
Gas Service
Operating Pressure
200 psig