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Profax Tweco Professional Px22-50 1/2 Inch 122 Dhp Copper Alloy 22-Series Recessed To Protruding Tip Nozzle, 250 Amp PX22-50 PFXPX22-50

Detailed Description

Increase productivity with longer life front end consumables using Tweco® Spray Master MIG gun series with eliminator front end consumables. Combined with all the advantages of the Spray Master, this new line of mig guns helps the shop floor lower usage cost with improved operator appeal. Selecting the right nozzle for a welder's preferred "nozzle to tip relationship" on a mig gun is generally based on the application and the welder's daily welding routine

  • Used in light to medium-duty welding application up to 250 amp
  • Nozzle housing - cut and formed from 122 DHP copper alloy tubing
  • Easy identification - part no rolled stamped on the outside surface
  • Nozzle slides over the standard nozzle insulator - part number 32 (stock number 1320-1100) nozzle is adjustable to obtain the contact tip and nozzle relationship wanted
  • Recessed tips are generally used for higher heat applications where longer electrical stick-out is required or in cases where the nozzle may touch the work piece (tack, spot, and stitch)
  • Protruding tips are generally used when welding open root pipe or any joint that requires the welder to get into a tight weld joint, however the down side to this is the chance of arcing the tip to the work piece, which could damage front end parts resulting in downtime needed to replace
  • Gas metal arc welding process (air- cooled)

Profax® Tweco®, Professional PX22-50 MIG Gun Consumable, Recessed To Protruding Tip Nozzle, 3/4 Inch Outer Diameter x 2.1 Inch Length, 122 DHP Copper Alloy, Tip Size: 1/2 Inch, Amperage: 250 amp, Series: 22 Series, For Type/Brand/Model: 52, 51-23 Standard Gas Diffuser

Technical Details

250 amp
3/4 Inch Outer Diameter x 2.1 Inch Length
For Type/Brand/Model
52, 51-23 Standard Gas Diffuser
122 DHP Copper Alloy
22 Series
Tip Size
1/2 Inch
Recessed To Protruding Tip Nozzle