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Fiber Metal 4199Dgnbp 4199 Series High Performance Faceshield Window, 19 Inch H X 0.06 Inch T X 9-3/4 Inch W Visor 4199DGNBP FIB4199DGNBP

Fiber Metal® 4199DGNBP 4199 Series High Performance Faceshield Window, 19 Inch H x 0.06 Inch T x 9-3/4 Inch W Visor

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Our Id: FIB4199DGNBP
Manufacturer Id: 4199DGNBP
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Detailed Description

  • Unique angled shape clears the shoulders during head movement
  • Fits easily and comfortably over required protective spectacles or respirators
  • All high performance faceshields are SEI certified to comply with current ANSI standards and SEI certification is your assurance of consistent quality and performance
  • Fibre-Metal® faceshield windows are injection molded from propionate, which is superior to other window materials in every significant performance characteristic
  • They are preformed at the factory to the exact curve of our crown protectors for easy installation an exact fit and a perfect seal against dust, dirt and debris
  • All high performance windows are 0.06 Inch thick for an extra margin of protection yet they cost no more than ordinary 0.04 Inch thick windows
  • High performance windows provide a degree of protection and a price point for every application and budget
  • Alternate part number: UV4199DG

Fiber Metal® 4199DGNBP Faceshield Window, 4199 Series, High Performance, Visor Color: Dark Green, Visor Material: Propionate, Visor Height: 19 Inch, Visor Thickness: 0.06 Inch, Visor Width: 9-3/4 Inch

Technical Details

4199 Series, High Performance
Visor Color
Dark Green
Visor Height
19 Inch
Visor Material
Visor Thickness
0.06 Inch
Visor Width
9-3/4 Inch