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Crc Sta-Plex Sl3190 Extreme Pressure Premium Grease, 14 Wt Oz Net Fill, 14 Oz Cartridge, Red Semi-Solid To Solid, Nlgi Grade 2 SL3190 CRCSL3190

CRC® Sta-Plex™ SL3190 Extreme Pressure Premium Grease, 14 Wt oz Net Fill, 14 oz Cartridge, Red Semi-Solid to Solid, NLGI Grade 2

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Our Id: CRCSL3190
Manufacturer Id: SL3190
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Detailed Description

Extreme pressure Sta-Plex™ premium red grease is a technically advanced NLGI Grade 2 lithium complexgrease which is the most ideal multi-purpose grease available. A superior extreme pressure additive package provides a Timken rating of 60 lb min. Additional anti-wear and performance additives combine to offer a lithiumgrease with a superior tackiness, rust and corrosion protection and an exceptional dropping point of 500+ deg F. Sta-Plex™ premium red grease can be continuously run at temperatures as high as 300 deg F

  • A superior multi-purpose certified lithium complex based NLGI #2 grease
  • Contains extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-oxidation additives
  • High temperature properties - provides superior lubrication at 300 deg F and maintains lubricating properties at temperatures as high as 500 deg F over short durations
  • Timken OK load of 60 lb minimum - indicates excellent anti-wear properties
  • Provides rust protection and oxidation resistance
  • Tackiness additive - prevents grease from slinging off bearings under high RPMs
  • Less than 0.1 mm Hg at 68 deg F vapor pressure
  • Greater than 5 vapor density
  • Insoluble in water
  • 9 g/L volatile organic compound
  • Pour point: 5 deg F
  • ISO viscosity grade: 230
  • Remove with a degreaser or brake cleaner product

CRC® Sta-Plex™ SL3190 Lithium Grease, Extreme Pressure Premium, Container Size: 14 oz, Container Type: Cartridge, Form: Semi-Solid to Solid, Red, Odor/Scent: Faint Petroleum, Net Weight: 14 oz, Temperature: -20 to 325 deg F, Flash Point: 475 deg F, Dropping Point: 500 deg F, NLGI Grade: 2, Specific Gravity: 0.9 at 60 deg F, Base Type: Lithium Complex

Technical Details

Base Type
Lithium Complex
Container Size
14 oz
Container Type
Dropping Point
500 deg F
Flash Point
475 deg F
Semi-Solid to Solid
Net Weight
14 oz
NLGI Grade
Faint Petroleum
Specific Gravity
0.9 at 60 deg F
-20 to 325 deg F
Extreme Pressure Premium
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