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Camel 41734 4-1/2X5/8-11 60 Grt Type 29 Flap Wheel 41734 CGW41734

CAMEL 41734 4-1/2X5/8-11 60 GRT TYPE 29 FLAP WHEEL

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Manufacturer Id: 41734
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Detailed Description

UPC #: 41734
Name: Z-Poly Cotton Economy Disc
Description: Quality zirconia grain with a poly/cotton heat treated backing. The poly/cotton backing provides low stretch and strength. Zirconia Poly Cotton Economy (PCE) discs are stocked only in 4–1/2″ diameter. Also available in 5″ with a 300 piece minimum order.
Comments: Contaminate-free. For working on contoured and edge work. Flaps are angled at 8 degrees for greater surface contact and aggressive use. Best used at 15°–25° angle.
Suitable For: Steel and stainless steel.
Diameter: 4 1/2″
Arbor Hole Size: 5/8″–11
Thickness: Regular
Grit: 60 (Medium)
Type: 29 – Conical disc
Max Operating Speed: 13,300 RPM
Material: Zirconia
Use: Right angle grinder
Made In: USA
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