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Tingley Mb924b-13 Brick Red Upper Neoprene Upper/Steel Toe Snugleg Boots, Size 13 TINMB924B-13 TINMB924B-13

Tingley MB924B-13 Brick Red Upper Neoprene Upper/Steel Toe Snugleg Boots, Size 13

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Detailed Description

Our neoprene snug leg boots are made with a multi-ply manufacturing method. Every boot is dipped with a neoprene coating and sealant, so the foot is surrounded by a layer of 100% waterproof and chemical resistant neoprene for optimum protection and extraordinary comfort

  • Neoprene rubber will outwear standard rubber boots in solvents, caustics, hydrocarbons, oils, fats and acids
  • Hand-layered construction allows for a soft flexible upper and more material in the toe and heel contact points, for optimum comfort and protection
  • Snugleg last design hugs the foot for all day working comfort
  • Removable polyurethane contour cushion insoles for maximum comfort
  • Dense fabric liner for easy on and off, also wicks moisture and condensation
  • Chevron or safety-loc outsoles offer abrasion resistance and provide excellent slip performance on wet-contaminated or wet-clean surfaces, respectively
  • Steel shank for added arch support
  • Chemical resistance: Animal fats and blood, oils, certain acids, alcohols, alkalies and certain solvents

Technical Details

Brick Red Upper/Brown Sole
12 1/2"
Sole Material
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