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Tapmagic 10012El 12 Oz Aerosol Can Cutting Fluid 702-10012EL TAP10012EL

Detailed Description

Tap Magic with EP-Xtra® is an ozone-friendly formula that provides outstanding performance on all cuts and all metals - even hard metals such as stainless steel. The proprietary additive, EP-Xtra, provides a synergistic boost in performance

  • Special blend of extreme pressure lubricants penetrate to the cutting edge to break down surface tension, stress and prevent metal-to-metal adhesion
  • Outstanding performance for any cutting operation on any metal
  • Absolutely without equal on hard metals and on cuts requiring extreme pressure or long cutting times

TapMagic 10012EL Cutting Fluid, Container Size: 12 oz, Container Type: Aerosol Can, Flash Point: >300 deg F, Odor/Scent: Mild Sulfur, Specific Gravity: 0.94

Technical Details

Container Size
12 oz
Container Type
Aerosol Can
Flash Point
>300 deg F
Mild Sulfur
Specific Gravity
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