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Seafoam Sf-16 Clear Liquid Motor Treatment, 16 Oz. Aerosol Can, 0.819 Specific Gravity SEFSF16 SEFSF16

Detailed Description

Sea Foam motor treatment is a petroleum based product that helps clean internal fuel and oil system components. Sea Foam is an EPA-registered product, and will not harm engine components, seals, gaskets, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Sea Foam helps liquefy gum and varnish deposits when added to fuels or oils. Mechanics have used Sea Foam for many things over the years including cleaning fuel injectors when using their professional injector cleaning machines also used to clean air induction systems and throttle bodies. When Using Sea Foam motor treatment to clean Air induction systems and Throttle Bodies the use of an "S" tool attachment is necessary to soak down the throttle body. If you do not have an "S" Tool at your disposal Sea Foam Spray should be used. Next a nylon brush is used to clean throttle plates and throttle body housing. This is only a few examples why Sea Foam has been so popular with professional mechanics for over 70 yr. As a fuel system additive, Sea Foam helps, clean carburetor jets, clean passageways, clean fuel injectors, clean deposits, stabilize fuel for up to 2 yr., control moisture and adds lubricity to fuel. As an oil system additive, Sea Foam helps prevent and clean oil residue deposits

  • Gas tank, fuel system and the crankcase
  • 100% pure petroleum
  • Use in all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gas and diesel engines
  • Cleans fuel injectors, carburator jets and other dirty engine parts
  • Frees sticky lifters and rings
  • Removes moisture from oil crankcase and fuel tanks
  • Stabilizes and conditions fuels - use for engine storage
  • Cures hesitations, stalls and rough idle due to carbon build-up

SeafoamĀ® SF-16 Motor Treatment, Container Size: 16 oz, Container Type: Aerosol Can, Form: Liquid, VOC: 367 g/L, Composition: Pale Oil, Naphtha And IPA, Specific Gravity: 0.819

Technical Details

Pale Oil, Naphtha And IPA
Container Size
16 oz
Container Type
Aerosol Can
Specific Gravity
367 g/L
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