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Super Blast Pump Air Horn **Ph-007-218** MANUALAIRHORN MANUALAIRHORN

Detailed Description


Max Super Blast&trade; #7218 Pump Air Horn shoots a powerful blast of noise. Meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements for boats up to 65 feet/ 20m. Perfect for auto, boat, sporting events and more.

Max Product #7218 (Code: PH-007-218) UPC: 752080007218

Recommended For:

&bull; Coaches
&bull; Boaters
&bull; Officials
&bull; Motorists
&bull; Lifeguards
  &bull; Hikers  
  &bull; Bikers  
&bull; Sports Fans
  • Users simply pull handle &amp; push for loud blasts
  • Meets US Coast Guard requirements for boats up to 65 ft
  • Recommended for coaches, boaters, officials, motorist, lifeguards, hikers, bikers, sports fans &amp; more
  • Emits no harmful gases to environment
  • Economical &amp; reusable&mdash;no refills needed
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