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Magnaflux Magnavis 01-1580-79 16 Oz Aerosol Can Prepared Bath 387-01-1580-79 MFX01-1580-79

Magnaflux Magnavis® 01-1580-79 16 oz Aerosol Can Prepared Bath

$345.48 / case of 12
Our Id: MFX01-1580-79
Manufacturer Id: 01-1580-79
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Detailed Description

Magnavis® 7HF black visible magnetic particle wet method prepared bath is designed for spot inspections of parts that, because of their size or location, must be inspected in the field

  • Magnavis® 7HF is composed of 7C black magnaflux magnetic powder suspended in a low volatility mineral oil, 7HF is sold in 16 oz aerosol cans, it offers significant advantages in situations where bulk processing is found to be impractical and is often used in combination with WCP-2 white contrast paint
  • Non-fluorescent wet method particles
  • With high flash point Carrier II
  • Water or oil suspension medium

Magnaflux Magnavis® 01-1580-79 Prepared Bath, Container Size: 16 oz, Container Type: Aerosol Can

Technical Details

Container Size
16 oz
Container Type
Aerosol Can