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Magswitch Mlay1000/M70 Lifting Magnet Cap 333# MSW8100088 MSW8100088

Detailed Description



The Magwitch MLAY1000 lifting magnet is lightweight, compact and perfect for light to medium lifting. Switch On and Off 1000 pounds of magnetic holding force by rotating the black knob. Ideal for thinner steel but also holds thick pieces of steel.


  • Lightweight, compact and strong.
  • More effective than the competition on thinner materials.
  • Holds flat and round non-flexing material.
  • Pivoting Head,
  • Holds flat and round surfaces of steel.
  • Safety locking handle.
  • Full swivel hook allows for lifting from the top or side.
  • Strong grip on thin material and uneven surfaces.


  • Max Breakaway: 1000 lbs/454 kg
  • Safe Working Load: 333 lbs/151 kg
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 3/4” / 12.7mm
  • Max Safe Shear: 50 lbs/22.7 kg
  • Minimum Thickness for De-Stack: 3/4” / 12.7mm
  • Net Weight: 11.5 lbs/5.2 kg
  • Overall Height: 253.12 mm
  • Magnetic Pole Footprint: 108mm x 72mm
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