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Magswitch &quot;50&quot; Workingholding Square Magnet MSW8100106 MSW8100106

Detailed Description

Hold just about anything, just about anywhere. Once you use Magswitch MagSquares, you'll have to have them in your toolbox. Our MagSquares provide a new level of fast and easy multiplane workholding. Magswitch MagSquares exert a powerful magnetic field with a simple 180- degree rotation of the knob.
  • Size: 50 mm
  • Extremely powerful up to 550 lbs breakaway on flay _ inch-thick steel
  • Simple and fast
  • Grips on three sides
  • Fast, strong, and precise positioning
  • Attaches to flat and round surfaces
  • Use MagSquares to mount workholding jigs
  • Machined for precise 90-degree angles
  • Includes pre-tapped holes on all sides to mount accessories, jigs and tools
  • Use MagSquares to mount workholding jigs
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