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Lug-All 300030Sh Medium Frame Cable Winch Hoist With Latch Hook, 1.5 Tons Capacity, 15 Ft Pulling Distance, 7/32 Inch Cable/Rope Diameter LUG300030SH LUG300030SH

LUG-ALL® 300030SH Medium Frame Cable Winch Hoist with Latch Hook, 1.5 tons Capacity, 15 ft Pulling Distance, 7/32 Inch Cable/Rope Diameter

$283.33 / each
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Our Id: LUG300030SH
Manufacturer Id: 300030SH
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Detailed Description

  • Longer self-storing cables
  • Exclusive drum anchor swaged ball shank terminal locks cable securely in drum and allows for full extension of cable proprietary reversible handle - always a downward pull, switches positions in seconds
  • Cable end has hydraulically crimped copper sleeve
  • Interlocking pawl system will not slip
  • Self-storing aircraft cable
  • Self lubricating bearings
  • Open frame design allow daily visual inspection and cleaning of your cable ratchet lever hoist
  • 360 deg swivel hooks- drop forged steel hooks with latches are standard on LUG-ALL cable ratchet lever hoists
  • Swaged ball shank terminal- locks the cable on the drum of the cable come-along and allows for full cable extension
  • Reversible handle- will bend at an average of 20 - 50 percentage overload, warning operator to back off of the load before serious injury or damage to the operator or hoist can occur
  • Double locking pawl system allows for no load brakes to slip or fowl on the Lug-All cable ratchet lever hoist
  • Positive load holding in all environments
  • Aluminum alloy frame material
  • 97 lb pull force

LUG-ALL® 300030SH Cable Winch Hoist With Latch Hook, Medium Frame, Capacity: 1.5 ton, Pulling Distance: 15 ft, Minimum Distance Between Hooks: 18 Inch, Cable/Rope Diameter: 7/32 Inch, Cable Length: 31.6 ft, Weight: 13-3/4 lb

Technical Details

Cable Length
31.6 ft
Cable/Rope Diameter
7/32 Inch
1.5 ton
Minimum Distance Between Hooks
18 Inch
Pulling Distance
15 ft
Medium Frame
13-3/4 lb