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La-Co Markal Thermomelt Heat-Stik 86733 4-1/2 Inch Flat Temperature Indicator, 400 Deg F 86733 MKL86733

LA-CO Markal® Thermomelt® HEAT-STIK® 86733 4-1/2 Inch Flat Temperature Indicator, 400 deg F

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Our Id: MKL86733
Manufacturer Id: 86733
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Detailed Description

Thermomelt HEAT-STIK markers are a quick, low-cost method to accurately measure surface temperatures of various metals and equipment. Available in 88 deg F and 32 deg C temperatures, the stick-in-holder design provides convenience and durability for long-lasting use in the workshop or in the field. The color of the Thermomelts are not a part of their function, since the temperature signal consists of melting. Indicator color is subject to change without notice

  • When the stick melts, the precise temperature is reached
  • Long-lasting stick is 33% bigger than competition
  • Protective holder, shirt-clip and adjustment ring prevents breakage and improves handling
  • Ideal for pre-heating, post-weld heat treating, interpass temperature monitoring, stress-relieving and annealing, used in nuclear plants, shipyards, bridge construction, engine plants, boiler systems, power piping systems, metal fabrication plants and welding industry

LA-CO Markal® Thermomelt®, HEAT-STIK® 86733 Temperature Indicator, Temperature: 400 deg F, Length: 4-1/2 Inch, Tip Type: Flat, Accuracy: +/-1%

Technical Details

4-1/2 Inch
400 deg F
Tip Type