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Irwin 1794447 Aluminum Hi-Contrast Framing Square, 24 Inch Body, 16 Inch Tongue 1794447 IRW1794447

Detailed Description

The comprehensive squares line from Irwin® includes a variety of versatile tools with easy-to-read measurement scales and durable engineering to meet the demands of the jobsite. The line-up includes hi-contrast rafter squares and framing squares for easy, accurate readings when cutting rafters and marking a multitude of angles. The combination squares with durable cast zinc bodies and precision etched scales provide accurate 90 deg and 45 deg readings, and the T-bevel is ideal as a depth gauge and for transferring angles

  • Permanent deep stampings for durability
  • Rafter tables, brace and octagon scales, and essex board measure

Irwin® 1794447 Framing Square, Hi-Contrast, Body Size: 24 Inch, Tongue Size: 16 Inch, Aluminum, Graduation: 1/8 Inch, 1/10 Inch, 1/12 Inch And 1/16 Inch, Measuring System: Inch

Technical Details

Body Size
24 Inch
1/8 Inch, 1/10 Inch, 1/12 Inch And 1/16 Inch
Measuring System
Tongue Size
16 Inch
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