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Harris Stay Silv 15% 1/8X050x20&quot;&quot; 1#Tube Silv.Phos Cop. 000302987 Brazing Alloy (B-Cup 5)(#61035)(Sw Pow Stck#5041516-4) 15620F1 HAR15620F1

Detailed Description

Stay Silver 15 is a frequent choice for copper brazing. It has a wide melting range that allows operators to fill loose connections and cap or build up, around the finished joint. When heated above its liquidus, however, it will penetrate tight connections. Stay Silv 15 is also a suitable choice to braze brass. In these applications operators should take care to avoid over heating the brass, and use Stay Silv white brazing flux

  • Stay silver 15 has historically been a popular brazing filler metal for HVAC and refrigeration connections
  • Its low phosphorus content provides brazed assemblies with good strength and ductility
  • This filler metal is excellent for situations in which close fit-up does not exist and where thermal expansion and service vibration are involved
  • The phosphorus content promotes formation of a low ductility intermetallic with the ferrous base metal
  • It is sometimes used to braze selected low nickel content copper-nickel base metals
  • Specific gravity: 8.94, electrical conductivity: 9.9 (%IACS), electrical resistivity: 17.4 (microhm/cm), fluidity Rating: 3, recommended joint clearance: 0.002/0.006 Inch, density: 0.305 (lb/cu.in), boiling point: 4703 deg F

HarrisĀ® Stay-SilvĀ® 15 15620F1 Silver Solder, Length: 20 Inch, Width: 1/8 Inch, Thickness: 0.05 Inch, Package: 1 lb, Form: Solid, Melting Range: 1981 deg F, Temperature: 1190 deg F (Solidus), 1480 deg F (Liquidus), Chemical Composition: 80% Copper (Cu), 5% Phosphorus (P), 15% Silver (Ag)

Technical Details

Chemical Composition
80% Copper (Cu), 5% Phosphorus (P), 15% Silver (Ag)
20 Inch
Melting Range
1981 deg F
1 lb
1190 deg F (Solidus), 1480 deg F (Liquidus)
0.05 Inch
1/8 Inch