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Flexovit Superior Flux No. 9H Welding Backup Flux, Dark Gray Powder FLX9H FLX9H

Flexovit® Superior Flux No. 9H Welding Backup Flux, Dark Gray Powder

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Detailed Description

Superior No. 9H welding back–up flux is formulated for MIG and TIG welding stainless steel and low nickel (less than 20%) heat resistant alloys. The flux prevents oxide inclusion formation, protects the backside from oxidation, supports the molten metal, and reduces burn-through. It is a more cost-effective means of achieving backside protection than other alternatives, including back-up bars, inert gas purge, back-up tape, and even other back-up fluxes. Additionally, the flux can be placed in areas where back-up bars or back-up tapes are impractical; such as parts with irregular shapes or bends

  • Formulated for inert-gas, metallic-arc, and/or gas welding of stainless steel, high chromiumferrous alloys, and low nickel alloys
  • Provides significant protection and improves weld quality
  • Most cost-effective alternative for backside protection in lieu of nitrogen, argon, or other gases
  • Form: Fine gray powder
  • Specific gravity: 2.5 (average)
  • Volatile content: <0.1%
  • This product is RoHS compliant

Flexovit® Superior Flux Welding Backup Flux, Dark Gray, Temperature: 1090 - 1540 deg C

Technical Details

Dark Gray
1090 - 1540 deg C
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