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Flexovit Superior Flux No. 9H Welding Backup Flux, Dark Gray Powder FLX9H FLX9H

Detailed Description

Superior No. 9H welding back–up flux is formulated for MIG and TIG welding stainless steel and low nickel (less than 20%) heat resistant alloys. The flux prevents oxide inclusion formation, protects the backside from oxidation, supports the molten metal, and reduces burn-through. It is a more cost-effective means of achieving backside protection than other alternatives, including back-up bars, inert gas purge, back-up tape, and even other back-up fluxes. Additionally, the flux can be placed in areas where back-up bars or back-up tapes are impractical; such as parts with irregular shapes or bends

  • Formulated for inert-gas, metallic-arc, and/or gas welding of stainless steel, high chromiumferrous alloys, and low nickel alloys
  • Provides significant protection and improves weld quality
  • Most cost-effective alternative for backside protection in lieu of nitrogen, argon, or other gases
  • Form: Fine gray powder
  • Specific gravity: 2.5 (average)
  • Volatile content: <0.1%
  • This product is RoHS compliant

Flexovit® Superior Flux Welding Backup Flux, Dark Gray, Temperature: 1090 - 1540 deg C

Technical Details

Dark Gray
1090 - 1540 deg C
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