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Fibre-Metal&lt;Sup&gt;&lt;/Sup&gt; F5400 Noryl F400 Series Faceshield With Ratchet Headband F5400 FIBF5400

Fibre-Metal® F5400 Noryl F400 Series Faceshield With Ratchet Headband

$12.64 / each
38% off list $20.32
Our Id: FIBF5400
Manufacturer Id: F5400
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Detailed Description


  • It has a deeper, 4 Inch crown protector that extends protection without increasing weight
  • Incorporates wide-vision (8 Inch x 17 Inch) wraparound windows and screens which provide 40% more protective area than standard size faceshields
  • Speedy-loop mounting system provides easy on/off welding helmet or faceshield mounting on protective caps
  • Channel grip system
  • Free floating headgear
  • Made from noryl, the same material used in our welding helmets, high performance faceshields are stronger, more durable and more heat resistant than ordinary faceshields
  • Fully adjustable to better fit Fibre-Metal caps and major competive brands
  • Contain our exclusive channel grip system, which mounts windows and locks them in place in a deep recessed channel to form a perfect seal from dust, dirt and debris
  • 4 Inch crown headband and speedy mounting loop


Fiber Metal F5400 Faceshield With Ratchet Headband, F400 Series, Headgear Material: Noryl, Suspension: Crown Ratchet Headband

Technical Details

Headgear Material
Crown Ratchet Headband
F400 Series