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Eutectic Proxon 21071 Aluminum Bronze Alloy Thermal Spray Powder, 3.3 Lb EUT21071 EUT21071

Detailed Description

Eutectic 21071 is a gas atomized aluminum bronze alloy powder designed to produce homogenous coatings with both Plasma spray and Combustion spray processes. 21071 meets the requirements of MIL-STD 1687. Excellent self-bonding properties mean that a separate bond coat material is not required. Each lot of powder is subjected to extensive quality checks to insure a consistent particle size distribution, chemical composition and reliable coating performance. Coatings have exceptional cohesive strength that permits thick coatings to be applied

  • High quality machinable coatings for soft bearing applications
  • Repeatable, high integrity coatings with minimum operator technique required
  • May be used on steel and copper alloy parts to restore dimensions
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in caustic solutions
  • Versatile welding capability on a variety of base materials
  • Efficiency: After the initial bond pass at 5 lb/hr the coating rate can be increased to 14 lb/hr without sacrificing coating quality or deposition efficiency
  • Deposit efficiencies of 85 - 90% are normal when using the TeroDyn System 2000 combustion spray torch
  • No deformation or structural change in base metal
  • 15 sec hall flow rate
  • Rockwell B scale 60 hardness
  • 3000 psi on LCS bond strength (ASTM C633)
  • Less than 5% porosity
  • As sprayed 530 ?in AA, finished >15 ?in AA surface roughness

Eutectic Proxon® 21071 Thermal Spray Powder, Package: 3.3 lb, Aluminum Bronze Alloy, Temperature: 700 deg F Maximum Service, Density: 4.3 g/cc Bulk, Coverage: 0.039 lb/sq. ft. At 0.001 Inch Thickness

Technical Details

0.039 lb/sq. ft. At 0.001 Inch Thickness
4.3 g/cc Bulk
Aluminum Bronze Alloy
3.3 lb
700 deg F Maximum Service
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