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Eutectic Eutectrode 4021-1/8 Manual Electrode, 1/8 Inch Dia., 5 Lb Carton � EUT4021-1/8

Detailed Description

EutecTrode 3021 is a combat version of EutecTrode 2101. This electrode can be used to weld heavy aluminum castings, long joints, defect filling and rebuilding missing sections. It can also be used for welding extrusions, piping, furniture as well as aluminum castings containing manganese and/or silicon. Weld deposits are dense and porosity-free. This user-friendly electrode has a smooth and stable arc. Slag is easily removed after the part has cooled down

  • Shielded metal-arc welding of aluminum is easy and quick with EutecTrode 3021
  • Good color match with most aluminum casting grades
  • IACS%: 39 electrical conductivity
  • BHN: 45 hardness

Eutectic EutecTrode® 4021-1/8 Manual Electrode, Diameter: 1/8 Inch, Current Type: DC+, Amperage: 90 - 140 amp, Package: 5 lb Carton, Tensile Strength: 34000 psi, Yield Strength: 28000 psi, Welding Process: SMAW (Stick), Applicable Materials: Cast And Wrought Aluminum Alloys

Technical Details

90 - 140 amp
Applicable Materials
Cast And Wrought Aluminum Alloys
Current Type
1/8 Inch
5 lb Carton
Tensile Strength
34000 psi
Welding Process
SMAW (Stick)
Yield Strength
28000 psi
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