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Eutectic Eutectrode 4004-1/8 Hard Facing Electrode, 1/8 Inch Dia. EUT4004-1/8 EUT4004-1/8

Detailed Description

EutecTrode 4004N weld deposits are ideal for combating general abrasion when impact is expected. Deposits polish in service to further reduce the rate of wear. A unique matrix further imparts high compressive strength to resist in-service spalling

  • Excellent weldability in all positions on all carbon and alloyed steels, manganese and cast irons
  • Maximum wear resistance for applications involving abrasion and abrasion plus impact
  • High concentration of wear-resisting chromium carbides
  • 55-60 HRC hardness

Eutectic EutecTrode® 4004-1/8 Hard Facing Electrode, Diameter: 1/8 Inch, Current Type: AC/DC+, Amperage: 120 - 150 amp, Welding Process: SMAW (Stick), Applicable Materials: Carbon And Alloyed Steel, Manganese And Cast Irons

Technical Details

120 - 150 amp
Applicable Materials
Carbon And Alloyed Steel, Manganese And Cast Irons
Current Type
1/8 Inch
Welding Process
SMAW (Stick)
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