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Aquasol Wld-35R-15 Sodium Carboxyl Methyl Water Soluble Tape, 165 Ft L AQUWLD35R15 AQUWLD35R15

Aquasol® WLD-35R-15 Sodium Carboxyl Methyl Water Soluble Tape, 165 ft L

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Our Id: AQUWLD35R15
Manufacturer Id: WLD-35R-15
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Detailed Description

  • Cost-effective: Conventional purge dams such as inflatable rubber bladders, rubber gaskets or cardboard discs traditionally must be placed far from the weld zone, remote placement of the purge dams may require large amounts of purge gas to be introduced to fully displace the oxygen in the weld zone, making the use of the conventional purge dams cost prohibitive and cumbersome, aquasol water soluble paper and tape can be placed in close proximity to the weld zone, thereby using less inert gas
  • Ease of removal: Aquasol purge dams can be effortlessly dissolved and flushed out of the system with water or steam; leaving no residue in the pipeline
  • Time saving: because the dam is easy to remove, time is saved searching for inflatable bladders, especially in inaccessible pipe areas
  • Custom sizing: Aquasol water soluble paper and tape can be made to customer specifications, permitting the construction of purge dams for any pipe diameter
  • Use with aquasol water soluble tape, EZ zone tape
  • Can be used to dam argon or helium gases during tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding of steel or aluminum pipes
  • Position minimum of 6 - 8 Inch from root gap

Aquasol® WLD-35R-15 Water Soluble Tape, Length: 165 ft, Width: 15-1/2 Inch, Thickness: 0.0035 Inch, Sodium Carboxyl Methyl

Technical Details

165 ft
Sodium Carboxyl Methyl
0.0035 Inch
15-1/2 Inch
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