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3M Scotch Xg700005802 Clear And Tan Acrylic Premium Grade Box Sealing Tape, 1.88 Inch X 100 M XG700005802 3-MXG700005802

Detailed Description

Scotch box sealing tape 311 is a general purpose box sealing tape designed specifically for utility type applications on light to medium weight boxes. The product offers good performance over broad temperature ranges; specifically in colder and damper applications; and adheres to recycled fiberboard


  • A value performance box sealing tape with a strong backing and an aggressive adhesive that provides a secure and durable closure
  • A box sealing tape that can be custom printed to provide security and/or branding
  • A carton sealing tape that provides high quality, consistent performance with easy unwind
  • Offers good adhesion to recycled liner paper and fiberboard
  • Suitable for cold temperature applications with easy handling and smooth dispensing
  • 3 Inch core
  • Edge tear and split resistant
  • Good aging in sunlight or fluorescent lighting
  • Long life in use


3M Scotch XG700005802 Box Sealing Tape, Premium Grade, Width: 1.88 Inch, Length: 100 m, Thickness: 0.05 mm, Spool Diameter: 4.56 Inch, Tensile Strength: 25 lb/Inch, Adhesion Strength: Adhesion To Steel: 22 oz/Inch, Clear and Tan, Backing Material: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film, Adhesive: Acrylic, Temperature: 40 - 80 deg F, Elongation: 125%

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Technical Details

Adhesion Strength
Adhesion To Steel: 22 oz/Inch
Backing Material
Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film
Clear and Tan
100 m
Spool Diameter
4.56 Inch
40 - 80 deg F
Tensile Strength
25 lb/Inch
0.05 mm
Premium Grade
1.88 Inch