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Gas and Supply is more than just a place to buy equipment and supplies. We are a team of highly-skilled and qualified experts who can help your business with process enhancements, savings solutions and much more.

Introducing Jimmy Canik, Welding Specialist, Gas and Supply

Jimmy Canik is a Welding Specialist for Gas and Supply. His expertise includes a combination of both academic training with a degree from Tulane University in Mechanical Engineering and practical hands on knowledge from his 35+ years of field experience.

Jimmy is responsible for working with customers throughout Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. In conjunction with local Gas and Supply account representatives, he uses his knowledge to help customers increase profitability through improved processes, machine set ups, filler metals selection, machine settings, and more.

Gas and Supply has numerous Welding Specialists like Jimmy strategically located throughout our locations that are ready to work with customers on process enhancements. Additionally we have Safety Specialists, Tools Specialists and others to help support Gas and Supply customers solve their product and process challenges. Ultimately, our goal is to provide solutions for customers that help their businesses grow.

Looking for more than just equipment or supplies? Let our knowledgeable team members help find improvements and solutions for your business. Contact your local Gas and Supply facility today (create a hot link to locations on website).

Improving Productivity with Gas and Supply


A Gas and Supply customer in Alabama manufactures cylinders that require nozzles welded into the cylinder shell. They weld hundreds of nozzles daily. The customer was encountering long welding times and distortion. They needed a more effective and efficient way to weld the nozzles while also reducing the distortion problem.


Jimmy Canik, a Welding Specialist with Gas and Supply, working with the local Sale Person, analyzed the process. They developed several possible solutions and ultimately recommended testing a sample spool of .045 metal core, versus the .035 solid MIG wire that was currently being used. This option was the quickest, easiest, and least expensive solution.


Distortion was greatly reduced and welding time was decreased by 30% on small nozzles and by 50% on large nozzles. Time and labor were also decreased as grinding and clean up times were reduced. Overall, a simple solution that added up to not only cost savings, but also a very satisfied and appreciative customer.

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